Game schedule widget

In case you cannot use API you can use our special game schedule widget instead.

 Insert the game schedule widget script (usually at the beginning or at the end of page's HTML code). 

 Place the game schedule widget container in the place of page's HTML code where you want to display the schedule. 

To use the game schedule widget, you need to supply the widget container with following parameters:

idID of the element used in the widget's script to determine the container in which the widget will be created. Required, must always be ELiframeWidget
classArbitrary name for styling a container with the widget, you can use this class to adjust the indents or background color of a block with the widget
data-gameGame ID (slug). Required
data-themeWidget color theme. Optional, default by default. Available options: default, light
data-langWidget language version. Optional, en by default. Available options: ende

The colors of the widget are determined by the chosen theme, you can choose one of two available themes: dark (default) and light.