Events subscriptions

Escapelist provides a notification system for the occurrence of certain events (such as reservations, e.g.).

You must subscribe to the event (see API event-subscriptions). In this case, when a corresponding event will occure, a POST request will be send to a callback address you specified:

  "event": "event name",
  "uniqueCode": "add6767dsds",
  "date": "2018-08-29T15:19:21Z",
  "body": {}
eventstringEvent name
uniqueCodestringMessage unique identifier. You can use it to prevent re-processing of messages
datedatetime in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ formatDatetime of the message
bodyobjectAn object containing event data. Each event type has its own object (see below)

Available events

RESERVATIONOccurs when a order is created or canceled. See more